Product Design & Space Planning

STEP 1: Getting to Know You

Our first priority is to familiarize ourselves with your needs—taking into account your tastes, budget, floorplan, and overall vision for your space. This step also starts the conversation about products and materials that you may have in mind. Regardless of the scope of your project, we strive to do our best to ensure that you will feel as comfortable as possible when the project is complete.

Step 2

Creating a Floor Plan

The next step is to create a floor plan of your space. You can provide a floor plan or we can make one for you after a home consultation. When we go on home consultations, we take all of the necessary measurements so that we can put together a floorplan and ultimately create a 3D rendering of your space. Even if you are out of state, we can create the floor plan from architectural drawings and pictures of the space.

Step 3

Selecting Products & Materials

Now we can start to pull products from over 25 different luxury lines and place them into the 3D rendering. We select the perfect size and suggest materials based on our previous conversations. This is where we can start to see how different products will look and feel in your space.


Presenting and Finalizing the Design

Once the rendering and presentation are complete, we bring you back into the showroom to see it all. Here in the showroom we have access to all of the floor models and material swatches so that you can really test the products and finishes. In this meeting, we narrow down which items work best for you and reconsider any pieces that aren’t working. With the 3D drawing we can make changes to your space while you watch, allowing you to get the best idea of which pieces and designs you like best.